Best Eats in Indio

Our home base in the desert is usually in Indio. The Palm Springs area is such a large sprawl that we like to be deep in it so we can travel easily to the East or West. You definitely need a car to get around here.

I’m highlighting two of our favorite places to eat.

First, is TKB Deli and Bakery. TKB stands for “the kids business” and is run by a great family who are loud, fun and rambunctious! What makes this place special is not only their unbelievable mouth watering sandwiches, but the “kids” who run it! We have felt welcomed and well fed every time (and yes, we have gone often) with free cookies for the kids. There are so many mouth-watering choices that your head will spin the first time you visit. Let me make it easy for you. Order the TRUMP sandwich (pictured above). This has nothing to do with POTUS, but comes from a customer who kept crafting and adding to his own creation, until it became the sandwich masterpiece that it is today. All their sandwiches are amazingly delicious because the ingredients are super fresh. There’s a reason this place is YELP’s #1 top 100 places to eat in the US for 2018. I could go on and on about this place. Not only are the sandwiches amazing, the baked fresh goods here are unbelievable! Did I mention the cookies? The pies, cakes and pastries are also so delicious and unique. Don’t be on a diet when you come to TKB, and come early in your stay because you will want to go back (maybe everyday). The sandwiches are huge, big enough to share, but you might not want to. Once you leave the area, you will fantasize about driving all the way back out just to have another sandwich.

Next, we have Shield’s Date Gardens, famous for their date shakes. A date shake? Honestly I didn’t think it would be all that great. I had low expectations so I was pleasantly surprised at how refreshing and yummy these shakes are! I guess they know what they’re doing, they’ve only been around since 1924.

They’ve got that old fashioned counter that I adore. Coffee lovers must try the coffee date shake! I could drink one everyday. 24oz is a lot of shake so it’s great to split one with a loved one. I really loved the store onsite- they have every kind of date imaginable! Free tastings for dates and dried fruit too. My favorite were the Blonde Dates which are exclusively grown here and nowhere else! Try them stuffed with cream cheese, it’s like eating cheese cake. This is a great place to pick up gifts or souvenirs and gifts. We didn’t the cafe out back (which had a full menu) – we’ve got to save something for next time, right? The grounds are really beautiful and if it’s not too hot, you can tour the gardens. Really, as the sign says- don’t miss it!

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