Destination: Desert

We love the greater Palm Springs area! If you’re a Southern California resident, Palm Springs and the surrounding areas are easy to travel to, yet they offer a peaceful oasis away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives! We try to squeeze in a trip at least once a year. Most people think of the desert as heat and sand and nothing more, but oh, how they are mistaken! I love the drive out – I’m always so pleasantly alarmed at just how green and colorful the desert can be. The Ocotillo and Joshua trees give the oasis an other wordly feel (the landscape reminds me of Dr. Seuss’s stories). The bright green Palo Verde trees flower with sunshiny yellow throughout the year and butterflies are often floating nearby. There are so many awesome hikes to take all throughout the area. The desert has something to offer in all seasons, even summer- where the prices to stay go down, the air conditioning kicks into high gear, and one can swim at night in a pool that feels like a giant hot tub! I have not even mentioned the dazzling stars that you will see glittering like magic in the night!

Here’s some pictures of us at Thousand Palms Oasis, in Indio. We saw so much wildlife on our short hike! The hike was hot and dry, but seeing the oasis was so rewarding! The kids loved stopping at the visitor center afterwards. After a day of exploring, make sure you check out the Best Eats Indio has to offer!

If you can get to Joshua Tree National Park, I highly recommend going! Even if it’s just for a day trip- it is worth seeing. The landscape changes so drastically and so quickly after you enter the park. The rock formations and Joshua trees will make you feel like you’ve landed on a different planet! We didn’t camp this time, but we did reserve a spot at Jumbo Rocks for the night anyway. I’d love to go back and camp a few nights at multiple sites within the park. Make sure you reserve ahead of time! We really wanted to see the night sky and it was so worth the wait! There is a 7-11 en route to the park where you can buy firewood, water, and Slurpees (if you’re brave). Let’s not talk about the Great Slurpee Debacle of 18. My car still has the lovely stains of a cold and sticky mishap. I digress! Joshua tree is like a natural playground for kids (and adults who act like kids). We parents had to keep saying, “Hey, get down from there!” as the kids climbed and jumped and ran all over (as kids do). Maybe it was all that Slurpee sugar! Take the short hike to the iconic Skull Rock, it’s an easy trail and there are so many options to explore from there.

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