Say NO to FOMO! How to Deal with Fear of Missing Out

Sometimes FOMO (fear of missing out) can put bad vibes on a vacation. I’m a planner and I LOVE lists and timelines. Although it’s always wise to plan and research, all that research can lead to a long list of options that are not always possible to see and do. This is especially true if you are traveling with kids or a group. Everything takes longer in a group, this is just reality. So how do you deal with FOMO?

Realize you can’t rush through everything AND truly enjoy it all. Don’t think of your plans as a to do list, but more of a loose guideline of suggestions. You need to allow for real life! Sure, you could buzz through a list of things, and map it all out and spend 4 minutes and 18 seconds at each place. You saw it all, but will you even remember or appreciate what you saw? Will everyone else in your group? Quantity does not beat out quality. Prioritize your list and talk to the family about it. Plan out your top three things each day. If you get to all three, wonderful! If you only did 1 or 2, that’s great too. Consider anything else that you got to do afterwards a bonus!

Be in the moment. Slow down. Take the time to take it all in. You don’t have to rush off to the next greatest thing. Are you soaking it all in? Is your family enjoying themselves? Are you creating memories? Revel in the laughter, appreciate the art, breathe in the scenery, enjoy that meal. Don’t cut the fun short just because you want to check the next thing off the list. If you’re absolutely loving where you are and what you’re doing, but all means, stay and keep doing it.

Don’t over plan. Guilty! I do it quite often. I’m learning! Leave some gaps in your planning. Especially on days where you are relocating hotels, or moving to a different place. Try to plan just one thing on transition days and keep it fairly light and loose.

Be flexible. Things are not always going to go as planned. The weather may be uncooperative or the place you wanted to go is sold out or closed. Go somewhere else. You may discover something completely unexpected and have an even better time than you thought. Remember to have a good attitude. Adventure is always just around the corner.

Eliminate the just because places. Just because Larry said you had to see X Y and Z, doesn’t mean you have to. Maybe it doesn’t interest you. Perhaps it’s overrated. You don’t have to do anything just because someone said you must. Do what you fits your lifestyle and your family.

Communicate. Check in with everyone! How is everyone feeling? Does anyone need a break? If someone is uncomfortable or tired- take the time to rest.

Split up. Not everybody has to do everything. Are there common interests that some people can experience together, that others are not interested in? It’s totally okay to do different things and meet up later.

Put needs before wants. One year we went to Yosemite, and Son and I got super sick. We were just so tired and we wanted to push on, but we would have been miserable. I’m sure our sneezing, moaning and groaning, and impatience, would’ve made rest of the family miserable, too. We needed to rest. We stayed in and slept the day away, while Husband and Daughter went hiking and fishing. They had such a special time together! Son and I got much needed rest, and felt recovered enough to enjoy ourselves for the rest of the trip.

Make a “next time” list and put the things you wanted to do but didn’t get to, at the top. Even if you never go back, it’s nice to note the things you’re still interested in doing. Maybe your next destination will offer something similar.

Be thankful. Always be grateful! Instead of thinking about all the things you might have missed- be happy for this special time together at this amazing destination. Realize how blessed you are to even be on vacation together. You’ll look back and remember what you did do the most, not what you missed out on, so enjoy it!

Do you suffer from FOMO like me? I’m trying to not be an over- doer or over planner. I’m trying hard to focus on quality, meaningful time together. I’m not the best at relaxing on vacations, but I’m working on that as well! I hope these tips helped you slow down and smell the roses. I have to remind myself of all these things, quite often.

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