Octopus Encounter

Octopi are fascinating creatures. When we read about Kanaloa Octopus Farms, we knew we had to visit. Kanaloa Farm is actually a research center trying to find a sustainable way to raise the Day Octopus. The Day octopus is a very popular food to Hawaiians. They use it mostly for tako poki, which is a dish that is similar to ceviche.

We learned all about the species and the farm’s quest for conservation. The best part was getting to interact with these amazing, intelligent creatures!

Would you call an octopus cute? They are soft and squishy, they can change color, and they like to hold hands. The way they can change texture, shape and shade is remarkable. It’s like a magic trick happening before you! Their ability to swim, taste (with their arms) and camouflage is something to marvel about.

Dare I say they have personality too? I was holding hands with this cute guy, when my husband came in and interupted our special moment. Guess who got shot in the face with a very accurate stream of water!?!

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