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We love innovative products, amazing venues and adventure! Do you have a unique encounter to share? A product that makes life better? A beautiful destination that needs to be appreciated? We’re open and available to take on new adventures and try great products to share with our readers.

There are a number of ways we’d like to help spread the word about amazing experiences. Here are just a few examples of what we can offer:

  • Photography: high quality photographs
  • Drone shots: if applicable- drone video and stills on location
  • Product review: positive and honest product review
  • Social share among multiple platforms
  • Dedicated articles on our website
  • Inclusion on our destination list – if applicable
  • and more! We’re always open to new ideas!

We are a fairly adventurous family that will try anything at least twice! To learn more about us click here.  Contact me at: We look forward to meeting you!

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