The Slot and Galleta Meadows in Anza Borrego

The Slot in Anza Borrego was one of the most interesting hikes we’ve done! I always thought slot canyons were only to be found in Utah. Although those are still on my bucket list, we were pretty happy to take an easy day trip from San Diego, to see the slot! Spring and Fall are the perfect times to go desert exploring as temperatures are mild. We started out early in the morning and drove to the Anza Borrego State Park Visitor Center. The rangers gave us a map, some helpful tips and showed us a film about the area.

While we were out in the area- we wanted to take a tour of the Galleta Sculptures. The Galleta Sculptures are all made by an artist who wanted to bring some interesting beauty to the desert. His sculptures are made completely out of scrap metal, and the scale of these things is just massive. The red rust color of the weathered beasts stands out in a seemingly desolate landscape. The creations range from mythical creatures to people . All are super interesting to see up close. The largest is a 350 foot serpent! The detail on these outdoor art installments is so intricate and meticulous. You can see hairs on the great mammoth’s head, eyelashes on the camel, fine feathers on the giant phoenix, and barbs on the cricket’s legs. We only saw a few because we had limited time, but I’d love to go back and see them all.

On to the slot! The slot canyons don’t look like much until you hike down inside. From the top view they are almost easy to miss.

Once you descend you and feel the change in temperature, it starts to get exciting. You can feel the arid air drop to cool natural air conditioning.

It’s like a fun maze in there! There are parts where you must go single file and take turns. The turns and pathways will surprise you at every bend. Talk about an exciting game of hide and seek! We had a great time weaving our way through this 2.3 mile hike. It’s more of a walk once you get down there, it’s not very strenuous.

While you’re walking around down there, the shades of light keep changing, until finally you see more and more light toward the end where it opens up into large canyons. After you’ve gone through all the slots, you go back out the same way you came in, so you get to see all of it again!

Will you go and make a day of it? Make sure you bring plenty of water and snacks. We packed a lunch so we could keep adventuring. Pin for later!

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