Superbloom in Elsinore – Daytrip

We’ve had much more rain than this California girl is used to, and I’m trying not to complain! I have loved most of it, but I’ve been missing our sunny warm weather. One thing rain always brings are wildflowers! I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to go to Anza Borrego to see the desert superbloom! Sources tell me that it’s not quite time- and though the desert is in bloom- it’s not yet “super”! We decided to do take a Sunday hike to Walker Canyon in Elsinore instead, where they are indeed having a superbloom of gorgeous orange poppies and other wildflowers. We’ve driven past Elsinore many times- and I’ve never in my life seen it so colorful and beautiful. The poppy bloom is amazing. Walker Canyon is a great, easy hike that anyone of any level can go to. We hiked up a few miles, but you needn’t go as far as we did to see the hills ablaze in color. It’s quite amazing!

If you’re waiting for the dessert like I am, take a daytrip to Walker Canyon in the meantime, and do it soon! I’ve heard that it won’t last long. I recommend going on a weekday if you can. The bloom is causing some major traffic in the area and your patience muscles must be flexed, if you dare it on a weekend. We went on Sunday and we were in queue on the the freeway for about an hour, just to exit. If you can’t get there on a weekday- then I recommend getting there as early as possible! As always- bring bottled water, sunblock and comfy shoes for the hike.


Although Elsinore seems remote- there’s plenty to do in the area. Tom’s Farms is a great stop just North of Walker Canyon. It’s a fantastic family stop where there are restaurants and shops and a great farm stand selling produce, specialty candies and dried fruits and nuts. Of course one of my favorite places ever, Glen Ivy Hot Springs is also on the same exit as Tom’s Farms! If you haven’t been to Glen Ivy- you’re missing out (adults only)! I’d suggest hiking Walker Canyon early in the morning and spending the rest of the day lazing away at the beautiful spa. Sounds near perfect to me!




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  1. Christine says:

    Beautiful photos! Thanks for the tips on what else to do in the area. Sounds like a fun daytrip!

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